How To Teach Your Kids

I wanted to do a video/article on this topic now for a while, mainly because I get to watch parents trying to teach their kids how to ski on a daily basis. In most of these cases I feel really sorry for the parents but mainly for the kids that often get pushed too hard, that do not get a chance to discover the things they should discover and often simply not have a good time.

The general instructor statement in such a situation of course would be: “You have to sign your children up in ski school. There they will have a trained professional that will make sure that they are safe, have fun and that they learn all the ski fundamentals correctly.”

Being a ski instructor now for over 23 years and a ski school director for 4 years I could not agree more to this advice. The reality though is that you most likely will take your first timer child on the snow to give it a first try anyway and later besides the ski school lessons your children will probably spend more time skiing with you than with a coach. To help you make these moments a good experience I would like to give you some ideas in this series of articles.

I have taught multiple hundreds of kids in my career so far, but as I just took my 2 year old daughter on snow for the first time I can give you my advice not only from the perspective of the instructor but also from the perspective of the dad. I hope this series on “how to teach your kids” will be helpful.

Again, these articles should in no way replace ski lessons with a professional ski instructor! Kids group lessons usually come at very affordable prices and are a great investment in the ski future of your child. With the correct ski techniques learnt at an early age your child will always find skiing really easy and will have a lot of fun skiing. Do not pass on your bad habbits to your children!

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This video shows Marcel Hirscher (World Champion and Overall World Cup Winner 2012) at age 3. A perfect example for how natural skiing can be for children. Skiing starts at 0:35


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