The best way to improve your skiing is obviously to work on snow with a coach that is able to spot exactly what you need to reach your goals.

While skiing can be made simple the work on snow is a little more complex.

The beauty of our profession is to adjust to each individual student and to do all the right things to maximize his chance for success.

How much of a difference the right coach can make is very obvious in every professional sport and no different for recreational skiers.


 If you are serious about improving your skiing don’t waste any time and get things sorted.

You will see that this investment will pay off for the rest of your skier life.

SOFA SKI CAMPS are ski improvement camps for recreational skiers of all levels that are held in Austria, Japan, Germany and New Zealand.

It is our goal to provide professional coaching to recreational skiers, to help you to be able to coach yourself to ski better, faster, longer and safer!