I have just added another chapter to the Coaching Taka Series.

You can watch the first part below.

In the video I will show you 6 key  drills to improve your carving and most importantly I will try to help you understand, why certain skills need to be built first.

Where a skiers is at in his development, is absolutely crucial as to what you would teach him.

We need to be able to understand where we are at, before we can go out and train.

Not every move an expert skier is able to do, must be good for you and just because something looks good, does not mean it must be the most efficient thing to do.

As always, it is not rocket science, but it is crucial to do things in the right order to not get stuck with your carving on easy blue runs.

Everything you see in my videos is not a thought out theory, but based on the experience from working on this with thousands of skiers of all levels.

The full video can be purchased HERE

In the member area SOFASKI.COM customers can now watch all three parts of this video.


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