From Blue to Black Diamond

published 2007

One of the most sold ski instructionals of all time

80 minutes of Lessons

14 Additional Drills

Find out where you have your biggest room for improvement

and get to the lesson that is right for you

Effective Lessons - Great Results

Free Member Area Access

12 Reminder Cards to Download

Sofa Ski School – From Blue to Black Diamond

is an interactive application that brings you 5 most effective lessons for ski improvement to your living room. It is not a regular ski video that you are supposed to watch from the beginning to the end. You will find in-clip menus that allow you to get more in depth information where needed and a full chapter to help you find out what you should work on first.

In the same way a good instructor would pick the lesson he thinks is most beneficial for you, BTB will help you identify where you might have the biggest room for improvement, or what your individual bad habit might be that hinders you from skiing better. By going through checklists and watching demonstrations of how it should not be done, you can find your weakness and you will be taken to the lesson that is right for you and is most likely to improve your skiing.

The video contains 80 minutes of ski instruction with lessons on the Main Ski Fundamentals, Carving, Skiing the Steeps and Short Turns, 14 additional drills for more advanced skiers. The DVD package comes with 3 laminated reminder cards which can also be downloaded from the member area.

The lessons are all kept as simple as possible, with the main focus on maximizing the chance of improvement for skiers of all levels!

From Blue to Black is an amateur production by a ski instructor. The focus does not lie on the quality of the sound and video but on presenting effective lessons and drills that have proved to work. The goal is to help you ski better. Please see the reviews below from customers that have successfuly used the my teaching tools.