Klaus Mair - Private Coaching

Klaus Mair – Private Coaching

is available from December to April in the ski resorts of the Montafon, Austria.

In all day training sessions I will show you exactly where you are at and what you should work on in your skiing, so you can reach your goals.

The lessons might be quite different from the classic private lesson. Our goal will not be to help you improve as much as possible in the given time, but to give you the understanding and the tools, so you can continue to work on your skiing also after the training. We will work on some key changes in your skiing, that should make a real difference especially in the mid- and long-term.

During the training you will get a full assessment of where you are at so we can set the right goals together. All ski analyses done as well as parts of the training and lots of your own skiing will be filmed and you will get all the videos on a USB stick.

A Klaus Mair Private Coaching session should equipe you with everything you need to continue to improve. Included in the training is: 

  • 5 hours of training each day

  • Daily Video Analysis + Documentation of the Training


  • All Clips (filmed with Camcorder and GoPro) on a 32GB, 3.0 USB stick after the Training

  • Your own Online Training Diary on SOFASKI.COM where your training is documented with your key videos and reminders 


You don’t need to train with me for a week and you don’t need to come back every season. With the material that you get you should be able to stay on the right track and improve also in between the coaching sessions, which is the main goal for me.

The price for one day (5h) is 560 EUR for one person (+70 EUR for every additional participant). Please send me an email with your training goals and wishes and I will get back to you with further information.

Often times skiers first start with an Online Ski Analysis before they come for a private coaching session.

If you would rather train in a group then please have a look at the Sofa Ski Camps.

I am happy to help you plan your stay. Here is some information on Schruns and the beautiful Montafon:  Schruns Info Page

I look forward to meeting you!

For over five years I have now been using helmet communication systems by UClear which can make a real difference and have definitely changed the way I teach. I use the helmet to helmet intercoms in 90% of my lessons and had great results with them in the past. Klaus