MEMBER AREA – In this post I am showing you more in detail how the UP and Forward helps Cam to get on the outside ski earlier and cleaner rather than getting sucked to the back and inside. We will also look at one of my favourite WC skiers of the last years, Tina Weirather. More info on her and all her videos in full length can be found here:

PART 1 is available for everbody in the SOFASKI.COM Blog:

The world cup guys are to us what the Formula One is to the car industry. Under the most difficult conditions the ski racer finds out what is most efficient. What they do is not about form or looks but about performance. While they are using a lot of different moves to stay on the fastest line during a race, watching them freeski allows us to see a bit better what they focus on in their basic turn.

In the 14 min video I will show you how the recreational skier and the WC athlete are working on the same things and how moving up and forward into the new turn helps both of them to ski a stronger turn.

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If you don’t want to commit to the purchase of Blue to Powder this might be a good option to trial Sofa Ski School ski instructionals:

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