I have just published a new instructional called Coaching Taka.

In this new video you will be able to follow the progress of my friend Takahiro Yamagami over the last five years.

You will be able to see what goals we set, what I showed him in my analysis and how we worked on it.

Rather than just hearing the theory you will be able to see what feedback I am giving him and what the outcome is.

I hope that you can relate to a lot of the things we worked on and that this will also be helpful for your own skiing.

Taka is a great example of a skier that never stops to work on his turns and he shows us that there is no limit to getting better if you have the right attitude.

Additional videos will be added during this season and customers can join in and ask question in the member area.

The goal is to make this first of its kind instructional an interactive experience that will help you in your work on your medium radius carved turns.

It would be great if you would join the team. Purchase through the video below or here.

See you in the member area!


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