We are very excited that we will soon be skiing with you in New Zealand!

SOFA SKI CAMPS Porters will be run in cooperation with Porters Alpine Resort. To pay for your camp you will be sent an invoice from Porters which will cover the camp, lift pass, airport and ski field transport.

Please fill in the information below so Porters can get in touch with you. All data will be treated confidentially.

Some FAQs are answered further down. Please email me if you have any questions left!

We will be able to pick you up at Christchurch Airport around 6pm the day before your camp starts. On the last day of the camp we will drive back to CHC Airport after the skiing and for Camp 2 and 4 also in the morning of the next day (July 30 and Aug 6). If this does not work with your flights at all, then we will give our best to find a solution.


Porters Alpine Resort will send you the invoice for the camp. Payment has to be made in full. The price will include a 3 day lift pass, camp and transport. If you do 2 camps you will receive a 6 day lift pass and a 10% discount on everything but the lift tickets, which are already discounted (NZD 119 for camp participants instead of NZD 129).

Some things we need to talk about...

To book your camp and to reserve your spot in the camp payment needs to be made within 7 days after you receive the invoice from Porters. If cancelled you will get a full refund until June 24th and no refund after that. To be covered for all eventualities please consider using a travel insurance.
If it looks as if we won't have enough snow to run the training, then we will make a call by July 14th. If we cannot run the camps due to a lack of snow, then you will get a full refund. This will also give you enough time to cancel your accomodation.
If Porters Alpine Resort should be closed on any of the days during your camp, we will either: * Offer an alternative programme in the valley, including ski technique related dryland training and video ski tech sessions OR we will drive you to a different ski field in the area that is open for a day of social freeskiing. In any case you will receive a full refund on the lift pass and a 50% refund on the camp portion for that day.
Taking video of your skiing and the training plays a big role in any SOFA SKI CAMP. At the end of the training you will receive your videos on a USB stick as well as for download through your training diary. By participating in a SOFA SKI CAMP you allow us to use your footage for social media and commercial purposes. If this is something you don't want at all then please let us know. We will never use your name or close ups without asking you and will mainly use the videos taken to promote our camps at Porters.