Consent and Approval


By selecting the field “Yes, I hereby give my consent to use my video for commercial purposes “ in drop-down menu I expressly consent and declare my express approval to the fact that SOFASKI.COM Klaus Mair may process, use and store my video of me, that I pass over, as it is or as edited in the course of the ordered analysis and also may either completely or partially (e.g. as a screenshot) hand it (edited or not) over to a third party or otherwise pub-lish it. All that to the following extent/purposes:

  • Creation and sale of video-ski-tutorials respectively Ski-instuction- videos to any third par-ties (especially online-sales but also on DVD) e.g.:
  • Publication on the SOFASKI.COM website in both the general/open part and the area re-served for registered members
  • Publication on the public Klaus Mair blog at
  • Postings on social media of SOFASKI.COM as esp. Facebook, YouTube, vimeo, Insta-gram etc. as clip available for the public or as paid advertising.
  • Use for training purposes or as demonstration material and publication in the course of in-structions or trainings for customers and ski instructors and presentations regarding ski-techniques or methods, seminars, camps and the like (participants and listeners)
  • Use in analysis for other customers
  • Promotional folders and advertising clips for SOFASKI.COM, which are distributed to any third party physically, by email or via the internet

Beside the picture or video, no personal data such as the name will be published or disclosed. When used or published in products or on the website, I will get free access.

On the one hand SOFASKI.COM Klaus Mair uses and publishes your video for the purpose of creation and sale of its tutorials and instructional videos and as demonstration materials as well as examples in other analyses, ski-technique-trainings and lectures, seminars and camps etc. and therefore is used for the creation or performance of the products and services of-fered by SOFASKI.COM. On the other hand, SOFASKI.COM Klaus Mair uses and publishes your video for advertising purposes and the marketing of its offered products and services.

The video is stored for the above purposes for an indefinite time.

I also expressly grant SOFASKI.COM Klaus Mair a unlimited, unrestricted, worldwide right of exploitation or licence to use the image, film and sound recordings of my person and declare that I have taken them myself or that they have been taken by order of me and therefore no copyrights or other rights of third parties exist. I also agree to the editing of these recordings.

If you do not want to give this consent and approval, please select the field “No, I want that my video stays private” in the drop-down menu. Your choice has no impact to the extent and quality of the services provided by SOFASKI.COM Klaus Mair.

Right to withdraw the consent :
The consent to the processing and distribution of the video can be withdrawn at any time. This does not affect the lawfulness of data processing based on consent before the withdrawal.
The right to withdraw refers only to consent to the data processing and not the consent to the publication of the image and recordings according to the copyright law (§ 78 UrhG).

For our privacy policy and more information about the responsible data controller [Klaus Mair], the legal basis for the data processing [consent, fulfilment of contract], data subjects’ rights [right to acces, right to rectification, rights to data erasure and restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to file a complaint] please see link